The Grovel Page

Mistakes. (We've made a bunch. But then again, too many to mention...) It would take too long to list all the mistakes we have made in our lifetimes but here are a couple...


We grovel and scrape and bow before you for letting an E slip in where an A should have been, on the credits of 'Skirt'. Unforgivable. We are really sorry. Not that we are passing the buck but we know it was an A to start with, and somewhere down the long and winding road of producing a CD cover, it magically became an E. What can we do to make amends, Ben? Let us know. (Will he?) (He still hasn't.)


And way back on our first album we made a much much worse mistake by leaving off our dearest double-bass-player's name altogether. I mean... we still have nightmares about that one. So.......

Richard Lee, Richard Lee, Richard Lee.

We are sorry. x.

That's all for now.