Tamara Tracz is an English film-maker, currently living in London. One of her short films, Beachcombers, was shown as part of 2002's festival at the NFT in London on April 6th, and has since been picked up for distribution by the BFI. Her films are being accepted for other festivals worldwide, and we wish her the best of luck. Her short film, Bitter, won a major festival award in the USA, and was shown at last year's Cannes film festival. Tamara's now married, has just had a lovely baby girl, and is working on her first feature-length experimental film, Ventura County Line. Tamara has been a longstanding and supportive very dear friend, we owe her a lot, and this is our page of THANKS to T. (She's also a member of the Sunday School Choir in Ship.)

THANK YOU TAMARA xxxxxxxxxxxxxo